Pet of the Month

                                                     zelina and B                      zelina and O                       Zelina and tim

Hi my name is Zelina (black girl).

My best friend Zaharah (grey girl) and I recently visited Dr Tim to see if he could help with my Itchy skin and hair loss problem.

It was such a hot day outside so we decided to check out the Superstore, we even looked at the adoptable kittens and puppy in there. Bianca was so lovely she gave us lots of kisses and cuddles.

Then we went in and got weighed, that was fun. There were some very nice people in there too and a puppy which Zaharah liked.

We didn’t want to leave but our owners said we had too. But we had a great visit and we like Dr Tim and Vet Cross they are all lovely

and caring people.

Hope you like the pictures of our visit.

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