A modern veterinary surgery theatre

vet_surgery.web If your pet or animal requires surgery it will be performed by caring professional veterinarians in our Surgical Suite. A fully equipped, modern, surgical and orthopaedic theatre our Surgical Suite is  a closed sterile area at
all times.  During surgery personnel is restricted to the operating surgeon, the anesthetist and the nurse who constantly monitors the patient.
We use the latest monitoring devices to enhance safety with oxometers to measure oxygenation, pulse and body temperature and apalerts to monitor respiratory rates.We have immediate access to blood transfusions and plasma transfusions should these be necessary and stock sufficient quantities of antivenene for all common snakes in our area. We also have supplies of Tick anti serum.

Other equipment includes an
ECG Monitor to detect and monitor heart disease and a Fibre-Optic Endoscope to enable detailed internal examinations without surgery. This is commonly used to detect and remove bones, rubber balls and anything else a dog has accidentally swallowed!

Compassionate and professional veterinarians, a modern theatre and constant monitoring ensure your pet or animal is in safe hands at all times.


Digital X Ray to assist veterinary diagnosis

xray.web Our state-of-the-art digital radiology equipment provides superior quality images within minutes. The fine quality of images show greater detail which in turn enhances reading and diagnosing. Images can be viewed anywhere in the clinic and can also
be emailed immediately to other hospitals or specialists centres.We also offer ultrasound for imaging areas such as the abdomen, tendons ,and chest. Pregnancy ultrasounds can also be performed on dogs, cats, horses, cattle and alpacas with results immediately available.


Veterinary dental care for your pet or animal

denstistry.web Does your pet or animal have a sore tooth or bad breath? We have up to date dental equipment for small animals and routinely perform dental procedures such as ultrasonic scale and polish of dirty teeth and tooth extractions of more severely affected
teeth.Our Equine Dental Service includes a self contained mobile crush which allows us to service areas where there are limited facilities such as water or electricity.


Pet insurance for peace of mind

Pet insurance is becoming more and more popular in Australia as the benefits of covering pets against illnesses and accidents are recognised.  If your pet is involved in an accident, or suffers a sudden illness, the medical costs can be several hundreds to thousands of dollars.
Unfortunately, many pets are euthanased each year as owners are simply unable to meet these unexpected costs. Pet Insurance is your safeguard against this outcome and provides you with peace of mind.
There are several companies that offer pet insurance. You will need to compare a number of different policies to find the one that is most appropriate to your own personal objectives, financial position and needs.

One of our veterinarians will be more than happy to help you select a reputable company that suits you and your pet.