Veterinary services to care for your large animals


Cattle Herd Health Programs

large animal farm visits

No matter the size of your herd, whether you farm professionally or as a hobby, Vet Cross can design a program to suit your cattle and your lifestyle.

Our vets are continually updating their knowledge and skills in the cattle industry to maintain the high standards that are set at Vet Cross:

  • Annual vaccinations
  • Parasite control
  • Worm counts
  • Nutritional advice
  • Breeding advice and much, much more.

Cattle pregnancy testing

cattle pregnancy testing


Pregnancy detection is integral for herd management in any livestock operation whether you have a large herd or just a couple of head.

The veterinarians at Vet Cross are fully qualified to test and advise you on your herd management and breeding programs. Our on farm service will also help you with your herd annual vaccinations, parasite control, worm counts and nutritional advice.



A full veterinary program for your cattle

bull testingOur veterinarians are highly trained in cattle work with Dr Andrew Marland a NCPD accredited examiner.  We cover bull testing, pregnancy testing and advice on herd health programs.

Cattle Bull Testing

Bull Testing is a reatively quick and economic procedure for screening bulls prior to selling and also for an indication of the potential breeding value of the bull. The on farm service we provide at Vet Cross is fully equipped to carry out this procedure with Dr Andrew Marland a NCPD accredited examiner and highly experienced in all cattle work.