Our on farm services supply a full veterinary program for our country clients, with veterinarians genuinely interested and passionate about horses, who are also involved in the industry, competitively.

Whether it’s a dental for your horse using our advanced dentistry unit or ultra-sounding your mare for pregnancy results we can come to your property.

If you have any cause for concern, we are only a phone call away.



Advanced equine dentistry by veterinarians passionate about horse health

equine horse dentist

If your horse is located in an area where there are limited facilities such as water or electricity our Equine Dental Service features a self contained mobile crush.

Once your horse is safely secured in the crush an initial health check and examination of the mouth is carried out by our veterinarians, prior to sedation.

A sedative is then given to allow a detailed, proper examination of the entire mouth. A gag is then placed in the mouth to hold the mouth open and a light is used to allow an even closer examination of all the teeth.


Problems are then diagnosed and charted on a dental chart. A “powerfloat” (electric rasp) is then used to remove the sharp enamel points, hooks and any other problems, leaving your horse comfortable.


Our equine veterinarians pregnancy test on your property

equine pregnancy test


Do you think your mare could be in foal? Call Vet Cross to get one of our veterinarians to come to your property and ultra-sound your mare. You’ll enjoy peace of mind with immediate results.