Surgical Suite

A modern veterinary surgery theatre

vet_surgery.web If your pet or animal requires surgery it will be performed by caring professional veterinarians in our Surgical Suite. A fully equipped, modern, surgical and orthopaedic theatre our Surgical Suite is  a closed sterile area at
all times.  During surgery personnel is restricted to the operating surgeon, the anesthetist and the nurse who constantly monitors the patient.
We use the latest monitoring devices to enhance safety with oxometers to measure oxygenation, pulse and body temperature and apalerts to monitor respiratory rates.

We have immediate access to blood transfusions and plasma transfusions should these be necessary and stock sufficient quantities of antivenene for all common snakes in our area. We also have supplies of Tick anti serum.

Other equipment includes an
ECG Monitor to detect and monitor heart disease and a Fibre-Optic Endoscope to enable detailed internal examinations without surgery. This is commonly used to detect and remove bones, rubber balls and anything else a dog has accidentally swallowed!

Compassionate and professional veterinarians, a modern theatre and constant monitoring ensure your pet or animal is in safe hands at all times.