What is microchipping?

Microchipping is a form of identification for your pet if they ever escape or go missing. A tiny chip (about the size of a grain of rice) is implanted under the animal’s skin which holds a special code unique to your pet. The chip can be scanned and the details of you and your animal obtained from the microchip National Database.

Why microchip?

Accidents do happen and your pet may escape and get lost. Collars and identification tags are useful but often lost by the animal, microchips however, are permanent. Many organisations such as veterinary surgeries, councils and animal rescue groups regularly use scanners to check for microchips on stray animals. The National Database is open 24 hrs a day so you can be reunited with your pet very quickly.

How and where is the chip implanted?

In the dog and cat the chip is placed under the skin in between the shoulder blades. The procedure is only slightly more uncomfortable than any other injection and does not take long. It can be carried out during a normal consultation and can be given to any animal regardless of their age and breed.

Is it expensive?

No, there is just a one-off charge for the whole lifetime of your pet. Even if you move house, all you need to do is contact the National Database and they will update your details immediately.

Please contact you Vet Cross clinic if you wish to get your pet microchipped