You ate what???

by / Tuesday, 27 March 2012 / Published in News Archive, Small Animals

Easter is around the corner, heaven for all us chocoholics but not so good for our pets. I’m sure you have read many times about the toxic effects chocolate can have on your dog or cat.

But it’s not only chocolate that can have worried pet owners rushing to their vet.

We have plenty of cases where pets (mainly dogs) have had to have operations to remove all sorts of things from their stomachs, throats and mouths. These operations are not only costly but a great worry to the owner of the pet and 99 times out of 100 they could have been avoided.

Dogs that are renowned for eating anything and every thing, and young pups, of course, are the ones you want to be extra diligent with.

Rubbish bins are heaven to a pup and if he can get to any leftovers or cooked bones he’s putting himself at risk of  gastro-intestinal problems and bone fragments becoming lodged. (Cooked bones splinter when dogs chew on them.) Fishing Tackle Boxes are another magnet, the smell of old fish to a dog will drive him to desperate measures to get to the source. I can’t tell you how many hooks we have removed from tongues, lips, throats, paws and so on. Keep the fishing tackle somewhere little noses can’t reach them. Plastic bags that have held meats and wrappers and trays that have meat and blood juices on them can easily be swallowed, once ingested they invariably get stuck.

All we have to do is just be aware of what’s around our home that may cause a problem, a bit liking watching out for a little toddler.

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