Wobbly dog arrives at vet…

by / Tuesday, 01 November 2011 / Published in News Archive, Small Animals

Snakebite? Rat bait? or Paralysis tick?

Jack was brought in from a farm so it could have been any one of these. Although Paralysis ticks are not common in this area we still had to consider it a possibility.

Apart from being unsteady on his legs he was lethargic, coughing and trying to retch.

  • Snake bite?                Living on a farm? Very possible.
  • Rat bait?                      Also possible, Jack was seen with a dead mouse.
  • Paralysis tick?             Always have to check. We never rule it out.  

 The Rat bait was put lowest on the list as Jack hadn’t actually eaten the mouse, and the ticks were also put on hold as we don’t normally have paralysis ticks in this area. We decided on a quick x-ray of his throat and oesophagus in case he had a foreign body but the x-rays showed nothing out of the ordinary. His breathing increased and he became wheezy; he also started to become more wobbly in his back legs when he walked. While checking him over we found a tiny tick on his chest, on closer inspection under a magnifying glass the tick turned out to be a paralysis tick.

Jack was immediately put on a drip and given tick anti-serum and it wasn’t long before his symptoms started to resolve. His wheezing stopped and his breathing slowed down to a normal rate. He was still wobbly if he walked for a while but within 2 days he was ready to go home with a box of Advantix to protect him against any more ‘visitors.’

Jack was an unlucky little dog to have landed himself with a paralysis tick, but because all of the Vet Cross clinics carry a permanent supply of tick anti-serum  we were able to treat him immediately. His treatment would have been as swift had it been a snake bite as all our clinics carry an extensive range of snake anti-serums all the year round.

If your pet should show any of Jacks symptoms, call any Vet Cross Clinic.

Our 24 emergency service is there for your peace of mind.

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