Winter Grooming

by / Tuesday, 15 May 2012 / Published in News Archive, Small Animals
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Grooming through the colder months

If you have a long haired cat or dog that is regularly clipped you probably don’t send them to the groomers through the colder months. This is a good time to start grooming and brushing them yourself as this will make their first clip at the start of summer easier for them.

Long haired cats, especially, matt up if not brushed regularly, and if they won’t be getting another clip for 3 or 4 months they are going to get mighty uncomfortable. The longer the matted hair is left unattended the harder it is brush out and eventually becomes a groomers nightmare when they finally try to clip the poor cat. Really matted hair is knotted right down to the skin making clipping  uncomfortable  and often  causing unnecessary stress on the pet.



Another important issue with long haired cats is hairballs. As they groom and wash themselves so all the loose hair is ingested and regurgitated later. If there is excessive amounts of loose fur there is the added risk of blockages from hairballs that the cat is unable to regurgitate. 


Brushing your pet is also bonding time, they love you anyway but extra contact in the way of a brush is heaven for them. I know we are all busy these days but a quick brush doesn’t have to take long  and they will love you all the more.

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