Why is my dog scooting around on his bottom?

by / Tuesday, 03 January 2012 / Published in News Archive, Small Animals

Have you ever noticed dogs scooting around in circles on their bottoms? It’s usually performed on your best carpet or in front of visitors and can be quite embarrassing for owners, not to mention uncomfortable for the pet.

There are a couple of culprits responsible for this common problem. 

1. Tapeworm. Fleas are not only annoying but can also carry the tapeworm parasite. This is ingested when dogs chew at the fleas and carries on down the system to cause a
very itchy bottom. Occasionally they can be seen as short flat worms in the dogs droppings. Tapeworms are easy to kill as long as the appropriate intestinal wormer is used (Drontal or Droncit) but will quickly return if the flea problem is not treated.

2. Anal glands Dogs have small scent glands on either side of their bottom (a bit like a skunk.) Sometimes the neck of the gland can become blocked causing the gland
to be swollen and painful. Treatment involves the vet emptying the gland by squeezing, (undignified, but not painful.) Sometimes this needs to be repeated at regular intervals or, if the gland is infected medication may be needed.

If you are in any doubt give the Vet Cross team a ring on 07 41515044 

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