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Who needs private health?


Your pets may need it more than you think.

We regularly hear from our clients that they don’t feel pet insurance necessary as their dog never goes out without a lead on or that their cat never leaves the house and garden, but we all know accidents do happen. Stray dogs and feral cats are
responsible for many of the cases we see in the clinics from cat fight wounds, dog attacks and let’s not forget the many snake bites that we dealt with only a couple of weeks ago.

Recently a lovely cat was brought into us by his owners because they had noticed a lump on his front leg. He was normally a very docile loving pet but the lump was so painful he became very agitated and cross when examined. The poor puss was admitted
to hospital for further examination and surgery followed to remove the lump that turned out to be a nasty large thorn from the garden.

This was a visit the owner hadn’t expected; we never know when we’re going to need a vet and for peace of mind pet insurance is worth taking seriously

Veterinary science is continually improving with treatments available today, for animals, that were previously unheard of.

Vets now use sophisticated and costly diagnostic tools and equipment that can detect problems that once would have gone unnoticed and untreated; all these amazing improvements have consequently led to higher veterinary fees.

The need for pet insurance has never been more important than it is today.

Talk to one of the team at any Vet Cross clinic about private health for your pet.


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