Toad Poisoning

by / Tuesday, 09 October 2012 / Published in News Archive, Small Animals


Not only is it snake season it seems the toads are out to get us too, or our pets anyway. Dr Cassie at Vet Cross has just had 3 patients in one night with toad poisoning. Be aware of toads especially if you have a dog or cat that is likely to try and play with them. Toads aren’t naturally nasty but if they feel threatened they will retaliate with their only means of defence and release their poison. Frothing from the mouth is usually the first indication that your dog or cat has been poisoned by a toad and you must thoroughly wash the mouth and gums as soon as possible. Using a SLOW running hose DON’T POINT THE HOSE TOWARDS THE BACK OF THE MOUTH in case it goes down the windpipe. What you are trying to do is wash and wipe the poison from the mouth and gums, using a wet tea towel or hand towel continuously wipe and wash the mouth concentrating on the gums and under the tongue. Then call your veterinarian.


Vet Cross has a 24 hour emergency service Ph: 4151 5044


If you think your pet is likely to try and play with a toad it might be a better and less stressful idea to keep them inside before dusk.








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