The Starting Point to Good Behaviour

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What age must my puppy be for Puppy Pre-School?

  •  6 – 16 weeks and must have been given their first vaccination.
    This is a sensitive period of development and any experience your pup has during this time can affect his later behaviour. Learning how to socialise with other four legged and two legged friends early on is very important.

What to expect from Puppy Pre-School

  • Firstly your puppy will get used to visiting the vet as the training is reward-based, and there is lots of play sessions so your pup will have plenty of fun and view the vet as a friend.
  • You will also learn about nutrition, common behaviours, diseases that affect your puppy and your family, basic commands, grooming and much more.

Socialising at an early age is very important, if your pup misses out on this experience it could lead to aggressive and anti-social behaviour later on. Puppy Pre-School allows your pup to socialise with new friends in non-threatening situations, this teaches them how to behave like a dog and communicate with other dogs.

 What you will learn

  • How to cope with common puppy issues such as house-training, biting, jumping up etc
  • Basic training & commands such as ‘sit’, ‘lie down’ and come – the basis for controlling your puppy

What to bring

  • A lead and your pup should also be fitted with a suitable collar
  • Current vaccination record if your puppy wasn’t vaccinated at Vet Cross

Puppy Pre-School isn’t an obedience class but it is the stepping stone for further training

Classes run for four weeks from 6.30 to 7.30 pm at the Vet Cross Bundaberg Animal Hospital

The total course is $60 and at the end your puppy will receive a Certificate of Graduation for you to proudly display and an information package to help you continue the good behaviours taught at Puppy Pre-School.

How to enrol

  • Contact your nearest Vet Cross clinic – Bookings are essential.

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