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Grooming… There’s more to it than just looking your best

Grooming is an important part of dog and cat care. All Vet Cross clinics provide a  friendly environment where your pet can be groomed by professionals and you can receive advise on the best way to care for and pamper your pet at home.

Appropriate grooming and clipping ensures your pet is healthy and comfortable. More specific benefits your pet gains from appropriate grooming include:

  • A lower chance of skin problems and reduced amounts of scratching
  • Improved cleanliness and hygiene… especially around the nether regions!!.
  • Easier and earlier detection of cuts, swellings, heat or change in temperament.
  • Grooming forges a closer bond between dog and owner.

The frequency and type of grooming required depends on the breed, age and health of your pet. Some breeds with short coats may only require weekly brushing with a bath but those with longer coats may require daily brushing at home with regular visits
to your groomer for clipping.

Clipping dogs and cats is a specialised procedure and is best performed by professionals to avoid your pet suffering from unnecessary stress, skin irritations and clipper cuts!!

At Vet Cross clinics all patients are greeted by a professional groomer where the owner is asked what style, length and special requirements they may have. The animals then enter the “Pampering” rooms where they have their coats and nails
clipped, bathed and massaged in a soothing oatmeal shampoo before being dried and brushed ready for going home!!

If, however, your pet doesn’t need clipping and you like to groom your pet yourself there are a few little ‘tricks’ that we often use like a really cool device called a Furminator, I know, it sounds like something from a Spielberg movie
but it is actually a de-shedding tool that removes undercoat and loose hair. We use them here at Vet Cross and they do a fantastic job, especially on German Shepherds. Also if you’re worried about trimming your pets’ nails take them in to
your closest Vet Cross clinic where we can show you how to trim them or we can do it for you.

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