Snakes on the move

by / Wednesday, 19 September 2012 / Published in News Archive, Small Animals

red_bellied_black_snakeSpring is here, the cold nights have left us, the days are warm and sunny and we’re looking forward to the best time of the year.

But it’s the time of the year when our snake population are also enjoying the rise in temperature as they come out of hibernation and it is now that we need to be the most cautions with our pets.

As snakes wake from the long winter they are not only hungry but also groggy and consequently inattentive and this is why we have an increase in snake bites at this time of the year. Dogs particularly are more likely to get bitten as they come across these sleepy reptiles and either tread on them or aggravate them and the consequences are not good.

A snake bite to a dog or cat can be fatal and treatment is timely, costly and traumatic for both pet and owner.

Be extra careful when walking your dogs, stay away from areas with long grass and thick foliage, keep them on a lead. If you think your cat may be at risk perhaps keep them in the house through these few weeks and only let them out where you can watch them.

Why not have peace of mind too and take out pet insurance it removes financial issues from your decision making process should your pet require veterinary treatment.  

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