Snakes are still around

by / Wednesday, 02 November 2011 / Published in News Archive, Small Animals

Brown Snake Bites Great Dane

Jay was one of the four unfortunate dogs brought into the Vet Cross animal hospital after being bitten by a brown snake. His owners knew something was wrong when Jay was reluctant to get up in the morning to play with his mate, it was then they found the dead brown snake in the yard. Jay went down hill fast and being a big dog (73kgs) was administered 2 vials of snake anti-serum. He was a very sick dog and it was 5 days before he was able to swallow small amounts of food and a week before he could support his own weight without assistance. Jay was a gentle giant and a perfect patient and was doted on by the nurses during his intesive care. We are pleased to say that he is now back at home with his best friend Chappy.

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