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Toilet training your new puppy.

I recently watched a friend of mine toilet train a litter or 4 pups by the time they were 5 weeks old and it was all because she started very early with the training pads. From about a week from being born mum and pups had the pads on top of the bedding in the whelping box, mum was cleaning the puppies constantly but the pads meant a clean bed and less laundry. As the weeks went by the pups eyes opened and they were getting more active, mum was still cleaning the pups but they were now leaving the odd little puddle on the pads. By week 4 the pups were up and about and were allowed a larger area to explore and play in so a couple of training pads were put in that area too. They naturally chose the pads for their toilets, there were a couple misses at the beginning but by 6 weeks of age my friend would come home to find they had all used the pads.

Not all puppies are toilet trained when you get them home and it’s not hard to teach them but it does require a little forethought on your behalf and lots of patience, they are after all just kids.

Your pup will ‘toilet’ a couple of times a day often after sleep, feeding and play, this is where you have to be one step ahead of them and be ready to show them where it’s OK to go. Take your pup to the pad after meals, play and sleep, look for tell tale signs like sniffing, circling and always make a little fuss of them when they get it right.

When you are home it’s possible to get them to the garden before they go in the house but they will need a pre approved place to relieve themselves if you are not there all the time.

Accidents will happen, this will be a learning period for you both and getting it right will take a bit of time so be patient. Once your pup is using the pad you can move it towards the door and eventually outside.

training-sprayTraining Aid is another product available for owners’ toilet training their pups, it mimics the pheromones that trigger pets to urinate. Spraying the product on a training pad will encourage the puppy to use the pad rather than go elsewhere.

These products are available in our Pet Superstore, pop in and have a chat with the team if you have any queries about toilet training your puppy

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