Premature foal has rough start

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…….and nurse Kirsty Woodall was very surprised last Friday morning when she found her Shetland pony mare, Bonnie, had foaled two weeks early!

The result was ‘Coco’ who measured 45cm and weighed only 6.8kgs not a Guinness World Record but pretty close.

Coco appeared to be doing OK at first for a premature foal and was feeding from her mother like any other healthy foal but by Saturday morning it was obvious that all was not well. Coco had become weaker overnight and was finding it hard to stand
and kept falling asleep, so mum and baby were taken to the Vet Cross animal hospital in Bundaberg where blood tests were performed on the young foal.

The results showed low blood glucose so Coco was immediately put on a fluid glucose drip, Kirsty, who is a qualified nurse at the Gin Gin Vet Cross clinic said “after an hour on the drip Coco started to respond really well and after two hours
she was up and ready to go”

When asked how Bonnie was coping with her first foal, Kirsty laughed “ my two small sons ride her and she has always been totally trustworthy and ‘bombproof’ but she’s become so protective of Coco  that I’m not
game to let the boys anywhere near her yet” she added “ she even tries to chase me away but it’s all bluff. Once Coco gets a bit older she’ll soon get back to her old reliable self’

Coco is getting stronger by the day and plays in the paddock like all healthy foals do and Bonnie……well Bonnie continues to take  motherhood to a new level…

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