Pet Food Alarm

by / Tuesday, 06 December 2011 / Published in News Archive, Small Animals
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I remember reading on the front page of a newspaper, the headline ‘PET FOOD ALARM’ and I immediately thought OMG! What have I unknowingly been feeding my dog! Like the majority of pet owners I take for granted the contents of the products I buy for my dog to eat, and that they are what the label tells me, after all it works with the food I buy for myself. So it was with some fear and trepidation that I turned to page 10-11only to breathe a huge sigh of relief as I looked at the list of guilty pet foods pictured on the page. Anyone that knows me will tell you ‘don’t get her started on pets and their diets!’ The list of ‘junk’ pet food is endless, unfortunately many pet owners buy them because they think they are cheap, but if they were to work out the cost per day to feed the ‘junk’ as apposed to a reputable dry fooddeveloped and produced by qualified animal nutritionists I can assure you they would be pleasantly surprised. I hear of hours spent preparing and boiling up meat, vegies and rice…..why? why waste your valuable time plus the extra cost of the power used to cook up a meal that you think will not only look appetising but will be better for them.. The first thing to remember is that dogs don’t give a hoot to what it looks like, that’s a people thing, the same as they also don’t care if you serve them up the same food 365 days a year, but what is important is, how do we know that what we’ve spent all evening cooking is nutritionally balanced and the best for them? 




Look at these costs taken from the internet of a reputable dry food, work out what you spend a day on feeding your dog, be honest, don’t forget your time, the power and the washing up, plus all the little extras and treats that you buy. (If you feed the right diets you won’t need the extra’s.) It’s not a hard choice really, is it? I’m going to stick with the food I know works for my dog, that’s made by experts who are qualified in the field of animal nutrition. I know it works, I can see it in his coat, teeth and overall wellbeing,

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