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The Vet Cross philosophy of providing optimal care for the life of your animal means we are continually investing in improving our equipment and services for our patients and also in continuing professional development.

Vet Cross has recently purchased a new ultra-sound machine; this state of the art equipment by far out performs and totally surpasses our previous ultrasound. To make sure we get the superior results this machine offers, Dr Susan Carroll BVSC (Hons) has just finished a year long course on Sonology.

Dr Susan said ‘we had good results with our previous equipmentbut the new ultra-sound is fantastic, it has a very highresolution which produces excellent images. It is able to pin point exactly where to look if we want to take samples or if surgery is required.’ She added ‘ the beauty of ultra-sound is that it is totally non-invasive for the

patient, which means it is a stress free procedure requiring only a small sedation and some patients don’t even need that.’

Ultra-sound is an extremely good supplementary aid to other tests, for example an

X-ray may show an enlarged liver or spleen, the ultrasound allows us to go that one step further and show us exactly how large, how thick and the correct position of any abnormalities.

It can check for pregnancies, it enables us to pick up bladder stones and sediment in the bladder and it can detect infections. The list goes on and in so many cases early detection has meant saving a life. 

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