Mocha’s Story

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What caused Mocha to get so sick




Mocha’s worried owners brought their beautiful Rag Doll cat to us, they said he was lethargic, wasn’t interested in food and had been vomiting. When the vet examined Mocha they found he had pain in his tummy so he was admitted to hospital for further tests. He was put on a drip and given medication to stop the vomiting.


The next day his owners came for a visit and Mocha seemed brighter with no more vomiting but at midday he was sick once again, his owners said that they had seen him chewing on a Nerf bullet at home.



I’m sure there must be these toys in practically every household where there are children but we wouldn’t expect a cat to try and eat one. Mocha then had x-rays taken of his tummy to see if there was a blockage causing him to be ill but the x-rays showed there to be no foreign body. Mocha brightened up again and started to eat so he was allowed to go home and the owners were advised to start him on a new diet of easily digestible food.


All went well until a week later and Mocha was back to the vet again, this time his symptoms were worse, he’d lost weight and was vomiting again, he was immediately admitted to hospital and more tests and more x-rays were carried out, that afternoon Dr Tim performed an exploratory laparotomy (surgery to examine the abdomen) and found a grass filled band firmly lodged in Mocha’s intestine.Mochas-blockage


After the surgery Dr Tim said they had been scratching their heads as to why Mocha’s symptoms were so erratic. One day he was fine and the next day sick again. The symptoms were erratic because the blockage, (that turned out to be the chewed off end of a Nerf bullet,) was hollow allowing some foods to pass through. But, as he ate more grass the tube became totally blocked stopping anything from passing through and blocking his intestines causing him to become very ill. Because the material of the bullet was rubber the x-rays had been unable to pick it up.




In a couple of days after his surgery Mocha was well under way to recovery, much to his owner’s relief. They were also really pleased that their daughter had talked them into taking out Pet Insurance saying that they never thought they would need it as Mocha is very much a stay at home cat.


Proves how wrong we can be, doesn’t it?


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