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MITAVITE was first established at Somersby in the mid 1980’s when founder Sam Rutherford and his associates identified a need for quality horse feed products to be made available throughout the horse industry.

Vet Cross Pet Superstore carry a range of Mitavite horse feed one of the most popular choices are the Gumnuts for aged care and condition. We all want for our ageing equine friends to lead happy, healthy and active lives well into their later years, this is the reason behind Mitavite’s development of Gumnuts – a unique complete feed which addresses a great many of the problems and physical challenges facing horses from around 15 years of age onwards.gumnuts

Few of us are likely to have horses like ‘Tango Duke’, a thoroughbred chestnut gelding in Victoria who survived to the age of 42 (126 human years) However, with the right care, love and attention, particularly to nutritional needs, there is no reason why your horse can’t be among those leading happy, productive lives well past generally accepted survival times. Although the average life span is said to be 24 years, many well cared for horses age gracefully and usefully, continuing to be ridden and with mares, continuing to have foals.

Ageing brings physical changes and health problems including reduced salivation and a 20% reduction in the ability to digest and absorb certain nutrients. Steam-extrusion is the most advanced process in complete horse feed production available today and Mitavite are one of the pioneers and leading exponents of the process by which Gumnuts has been produced. Normal digestion levels in the small intestine for oats (55-65%), whole cracked or crushed corn (29%) and barley (21 %) is increased to over 90% through steam-extrusion.

The steam-extruded ‘nuts’ can be softened in water to yield a soft mash or porridge for application to winter feeding, horses with aged mouths, those recovering from diarrhoea, surgery or illness and at day’s end, after competition or travelling. Additional supplements are not required except on veterinary advice.

breedaOther Mitavite feeds available at the Pet Superstore are Mitavitie Breeda a complete breeding feed. Breeda has been scientifically formulated to promote optimum, balanced growth and to overcome the problems associated with raising young horses on less than perfect pasture.economix

Mitavite Economix  has been tried and trusted over many years and provides safe, cost effective nutrition for competition and show horses, working stock horses, pleasure horses and ponies and spellers in need of conditioning. Steam extruded to unlock the full nutritional value of its ingredients Economix is fortified with oils rich in Omega 3 to provide cool sustained energy.



Whilst researching this article I came across some interesting horse facts, I thought I’d share a couple with you.

  • The oldest horse recorded was Old Billy, foaled in 1760; he died on November 27th in 1822 having reached the incredible age of 62!!
  • The oldest horse to win a race was ’Revenge’ who won at Shrewsbury, England in 1790 he was 18 years old




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