Look Out! It’s Christmas

by / Thursday, 15 December 2011 / Published in News Archive, Small Animals

Look out! It’s Christmas….

Pets get into trouble

It’s at times like Christmas with so much going on that the family pet can get into trouble. There’s lots more food around, perhaps visitors coming and going and plenty of distractions for everyone in the household. With all the festivities happening just spare a thought for the family pet.

At Vet Cross animal hospital in Bundaberg we see animals come in over the Christmas period with various injuries and problems that could have been avoided with a little extra thought. 

We have pets brought in that have been hit by a car, all because a gate was accidently left open.

Young pets with blockages from eating paper and Christmas decorations.

Stomach problems from pets being fed too much of the wrong food.

 Here’s a few things to think about

No bones – Giving the family dog the ham bone, or any cooked bone, to chew is not a good idea as the splinters of bone can become lodged as they pass through.

Shut the gate – If you have visitors just remind them of your four legged best friend and that it would be great if everyone could just make sure that the gates are kept shut. With the hustle and bustle of the holiday it’s easy for them to slip out unnoticed.

Don’t feed the dog – Ask your visitors politely to  ‘please don’t feed the dog,’ imagine half a dozen people just giving the odd scrap here and there to your pooch, at the end of the day that’s a whole lot of food ! And don’t think your usually well-mannered dog will stop when he’s full…nope, he’ll just keep vacuuming it in as long as they keep offering it.

 Christmas is the time for new puppies and kittens in the home and they are just little accidents looking for a place to happen! And they are no different than young children, first everything has to go in the mouth and with most puppies they will invariably swallow it.

 Dr Julie-Anne at Vet Cross in Bundaberg said ‘Pups and kittens can always find a way to get into trouble whether it’s Christmas or not but it’s busier around the home at this time, not only do we see stomach problems and blockages but we see small pets with fractures and injuries from accidentally being trodden on. ‘Dr Julie-Anne added ‘it’s a good idea to keep pets where you know they’ll be safe, that way we can all enjoy Christmas together.’

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