Lionel’s Story so far…..

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Lionel profile2014 wasn’t one of Lionel’s best years with two surgeries to remove lumps, a dog attack requiring surgery and another scare when he was bitten by a brown snake. We all thought 2015 had to be better!

So on New Years day Dr Andrew was surprised when Lionel collapsed in the garden and more than a bit worried when he refused to get up. His first thoughts were ‘not another snake bite’. Lionel was immediately rushed into the Bundaberg Vet Cross animal hospital for tests.

It was obvious on arrival that Lionel was experiencing abdominal pain so x-rays were taken and an ultrasound performed which showed masses on his spleen and liver and blood in his abdomen. This was not good news.

Lionel was prepared for surgery where Dr Tim, assisted by Dr Susan, performed a laparotomy. During surgery Lionel’s spleen and a portion of his liver were removed, the blood in his abdomen drained, was from a mass in the spleen that was bleeding.

The team worked tirelessly through the days that followed as his condition required constant monitoring, intensive care and blood transfusions, then on the evening of the fourth day he started to brighten up and take an interest in his surroundings again. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as Lionel continued to improve and was soon trying to get out of his cage and home to the farm.

On the 6th January the pathology report came back with the news that Lionel had cancer, although we knew it was a possibility everyone was still in shock and the mood in the clinic was sad indeed.

On the following Monday Lionel was driven to Brisbane to see Dr Darren Fry MA VetMB FANZCVS of the Brisbane Veterinary Specialists Centre who started Lionel on his chemotherapy treatment.

April 20th saw Lionel receive his last treatment and to look at him you would never think anything is wrong with him; he is full of life and still as adorable as he was when he was a pup, although not in complete remission from his AJ

Dr Andrew will take him down in 6 weeks for his check up, so in the meantime we’ll all keep our fingers crossed and think positive.

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  1. Richard Gorter says : Reply

    Great news to hear he is on the mend, he had us all worried.

  2. Betty Houston says : Reply

    I just hope Lionel health keeps improving and it is good news on your next visit to Brisbane.

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