Hendra Virus Vaccine is here!

by / Thursday, 01 November 2012 / Published in Horses, Large Animals, News Archive

Vet Cross is pleased to announce the Hendra Virus vaccine is here, and we are eager to get on with the job of protecting horses, owners and their families.

We are currently compiling a list of owners who want their horses vaccinated and advise owners to contact Vet Cross to book their vaccines.

Each horse requires 2 vaccinations 21 days apart and must be administered by accredited Veterinarians.

All horses vaccinated must be microchipped at the same time as proof of vaccination. (Brands are not sufficient proof.)

The horse vaccine is crucial to breaking the cycle of Hendra virus transmission from flying foxes to horses and then to dogs and people, as it prevents both the horse developing the disease and passing it on.

In order to keep the cost of this expensive vaccine within everyone’s budget Vet Cross will organise days and venues where horse owners can bring their horses, by appointment, to be vaccinated, this will eliminate the travelling costs and reduce consultation fees.

The development of the vaccine goes back more than ten years to shortly after CSIRO scientists first isolated the virus following the first outbreak of the disease in Hendra, Queensland.

Owners will be able to get their horses vaccinated at the following venues:

Bundaberg Showgrounds Nov 13th 1st vaccination 10am – 4pm approx.

                                     Dec 4th   2nd vaccination 10am – 4pm approx.

Gin Gin Showgrounds      Nov 15th 1st vaccination 10am – 4pm approx.

                                     Dec 6th   2nd vaccination 10am – 4pm approx.

Rosedale Showgrounds   Nov 20th 1st vaccination 10am – 4pm approx.

                                     Dec 11th 2nd vaccination 10am – 4pm approx.

Mt Perry Showgrounds    Nov 22nd 1st vaccination 10am – 4pm approx.

                                     Dec 13th 2nd vaccination 10am – 4pm approx.


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