First Aid Kit for Horses

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Knowledge of first aid principles is important for anyone handling horses.bandaging-horse

The general principles of first  aid are to catch and calm the horse, assess the extent of the injury or illness, administer appropriate first aid to make the  horse comfortable and prevent a worsening of the situation and then to seek veterinary advice and treatment if required.

Keeping calm and avoiding panic is very important in emergency situations.


Having a first aid kit with the basic materials is the first step to being able to provide adequate immediate care for your horse.

It is often good to have a first aid kit at the stables and take one with you when travelling with horses.

The kit should be kept in a waterproof container out of the weather so the contents are kept clean and stored appropriately. Often toolboxes or plastic tackle boxes make great first aid kit containers for horses.

First-Aid Kit Checklist

3 x rolls 10cm bandaging tape e.g. Rip-Rap, Co-flex

1 x roll 10cm adhesive bandaging e.g. Elastoplast

1 x roll cotton wool 30cm x 375gm

1 x wound antiseptic e.g. Chloromide ‘pink spray’

1 x digital thermometer

1 x 50ml syringe for flushing wounds

1 x 20ml syringe for flushing wounds

1 x 10ml syringe for flushing wounds

1 x Melolin 10x20cm non adhesive dressing

10 x swabs

1 x stitch cutter

2 x pairs disposable gloves

3 x 18g hypodermic needles

1 x pair bandage scissors

Appropriate storage box – tool box, tackle box or similar plastic container.


The most important point in any injury or illness with your horse is to seek veterinary advice as soon as possible, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Vet Cross has a 24 hour emergency service, call 41515044.




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