Different feeds for different needs

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different feeds needs

Different feeds for different needs

Is your dog 7 years or older?

Regular health checks, tailored exercise and specialised nutrition will help ensure your pet’s senior years continue to be healthy.
What happens as my dog ages?

Small and medium sized dogs (up to 25kg) are considered Senior from 7 years of age but for larger dogs it’s as early as age 5. It’s not always obvious on the outside but you or your vet may notice some common age-related changes in your pet.

* Reduced mobility & activity level

* Changes in body weight & condition

* Trouble chewing some foods

* Digestive upsets

* Skin & coat changes

lionel-7 lionels-feed
basil-13-7 basil-feed
hank-3 hank-fed

Talk to one of the Vet Cross vets about which one is best and start them as soon as possible

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