Did you know that many cats prefer to drink moving water?

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Cats can be very finicky about their water and it’s nothing to take lightly. Proper hydration is important for a healthy urinary tract and to help lower the risk of urinary tract infections. Cats may not touch a bowl of water available to them all day, but rush for a drink when you turn on a tap. Some cats will drink from their water bowl, but insist on splashing the water, too. And others might tip the bowl over, choosing to drink only from  the floor. No one is really sure exactly why cats can be so picky about their water. In the wild, a cat will usually only drink moving water, which helps prevent it from getting sick. Cat%20pawing%20at%20water%20dish%20425%20x%20282 So, it could be an instinctual aversion. It could also be that your cat has learned that cooler water often comes from a tap or rain water. It’s also possible that water is just a toy with the added benefit of quenching thirst. In any case, it is still important that your cat stay properly hydrated.

To encourage a healthy water intake you could place ice blocks in their water bowls, position water bowls away from their feed bowls or try a cat fountain. Cat owners that have tried them say their cats love them and take to them immediately. The water is filtered, aerated and clean all day long.

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