Commitment to Wildlife

by / Thursday, 25 August 2011 / Published in News Archive, Small Animals


There is a group of animals that our entire community has a responsibility to care for… and they are our native wildlife.

Vet Cross, in conjunction with our dedicated group of registered wildlife carers are committed to provide our native wildlife with the emergency treatment and care they deserve.

Vet Cross nurse Tash is one of those dedicated wildlife carers.

Last week a little cygnet (baby swan) was brought into Vet Cross Bundaberg Animal Hospital. The poor little creature had been found abandoned by his mother with tooth marks on his legs. Soon after arriving in hospital the little swan was given a full
veterinary health examination and had his bite wounds treated. He stayed in hospital for some TLC and hydrotherapy sessions in the sink and soon regained strength in his traumatised legs.

Now he is being cared for at home with Tash spending most of the day eating and sleeping, in between swimming sessions!! He keeps Tash awake at night calling to her for food and follows her around like a puppy when she takes him out to sunbathe.

The little swan’s future looks very bright and hopefully when he is older and stronger will be well enough to be released back into the wild where he can live a full life!!

The team at Vet Cross have provided veterinary care to all types of wildlife for years, from a long necked turtle that had swallowed a fish hook to a wedge tailed eagle with a fractured leg. As long as kind and thoughtful members of the public bring
injured wildlife to our door then we will continue to treat them. But we couldn’t do it without the ceaseless efforts and total dedication by the wildlife carers here in our area.


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