Cold weather and your Pets

by / Wednesday, 11 April 2012 / Published in Horses, News Archive, Small Animals

is it just me or has winter arrived early this year?

Either way let’s not forget that our animals feel the cold too.

Here’s a quick check list of things to make your pet cozy through the cold weather:


  • Warm, dry bedding
  • Shelter from winds and rain
  • Thick pads and pet beds on cold hard floors
  • Dog coats for those that really feel the cold and those who suffer with arthritis (See Dear Lionel)


  • Warm, dry bedding
  • Keep them in at night when the weather can be at its worst
  • (Cats are pretty sensible when it comes to looking after themselves)

Small Rodents    (Rabbits, guinea pigs, rats etc)

  • Keep the cages clean and dry with plenty of dry bedding
  • Cover them at night for extra protection against the elements
  • If they are outside perhaps bring them into a shed or garage at night

Birds   (Companion birds)

  • Chickens should be locked away at night
  • Dry bedding
  • Shelter from winds and rain
  • Caged birds should have boxes or areas to get out of the weather
  • Covers for the cages where necessary


  • Rugs for the daytime and an extra one for over night
  • Somewhere to get out of the rain and wind

Old horses in particular will need extra feeding

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