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bravect for e letter

The only oral chew to deliver 3 MONTHS Flea protection &  4 MONTHS Paralysis Tick protection for dogs in a single dose

JR pup

What age must my puppy be for Puppy Pre-School?  6 – 16 weeks and must have been given their first vaccination. This is a sensitive period of development and any experience your pup has during this time can affect his later behaviour. Learning how to socialise with other four legged and two legged friends early

Different feeds for different needs

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different feeds needs

Different feeds for different needs Is your dog 7 years or older? Regular health checks, tailored exercise and specialised nutrition will help ensure your pet’s senior years continue to be healthy. What happens as my dog ages? Small and medium sized dogs (up to 25kg) are considered Senior from 7 years of age but for

Bolting their food

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If you have a dog that insists on bolting every bowl of food as if it was the last meal you may be interested in these two great ideas. The Slow Feed bowl is designed with four compartments which stops the pet from burying his nose deep into the bowl and scoffing down the food

Prevention is better than cure

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We all know the golden rules for living longer, regular health check ups, sensible diet, moderate exercise and the same applies to our pets, in particular dogs and cats. With advances in modern veterinary care it’s easier now, more than it’s ever been, to keep your old friends healthy and happy for the rest of

Puppy Training Aids

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Toilet training your new puppy. I recently watched a friend of mine toilet train a litter or 4 pups by the time they were 5 weeks old and it was all because she started very early with the training pads. From about a week from being born mum and pups had the pads on top

Summer Pet Care

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  We still have many more hot and humid days ahead of us, here are a few tips to keep our pets safe and healthy through the summer Pets in cars Never leave your pet in the car, even if it feels cool outside. The sun can raise the temperature inside your car to 50

Market Pups and Kittens

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Have you ever been tempted to buy or pick up a free puppy or kitten when you’re vegetable shopping at a weekend market? You may want to think twice before you do but if you are still tempted ask the vendors these simple questions. Is it vaccinated? Don’t take yes as an answer, ASK FOR

Canine Eye Disease

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Canine Eye Disease- Pannus Pannus is a disorder that affects the eye and will eventually lead to blindness if not managed. It is not painful in its early stages, causes no discharge from the eye and may be hard to see unless you look closely at the dogs eyes in good light. If it is


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Flea infestations can be annoying for both dogs and cats. Problems caused by fleas may range from mild to severe itching and discomfort to skin problems and infections, in extreme circumstances anaemia may also result from flea bites. When dogs are troubled by fleas they scratch and bite themselves, especially in areas such as head,