‘Boo’s’ Blockage

by / Thursday, 29 November 2012 / Published in News Archive, Small Animals

When we have pets visit the hospital who have eaten something strange and ended up with a blockage the majority of cases are dogs, it’s not often that we have a cat. But ‘Boo’, a domestic short hair, is one of the exceptions.

‘Boo’ is only a year old and her owners came home to find her with string hanging from her mouth, they removed all they could but realised there should have been a lot more so after a fruitless search for the rest they thought they would see if she passed it in her litter tray. When she didn’t go to the toilet they immediately took her to the Vet Cross Clinic in Gin Gin, From there she was brought to the Vet Cross Bundaberg Animal Hospital for X-rays and further treatment.Boos-xray

X-rays are a great investigative tool most of the time but there are a few things that just don’t show up and ‘Boos’ string was one of those things. In order to see if there was a blockage Boo was given BIPS, which are small harmless pellets that easily pass through the system and can be seen on an x-ray. Several X-rays were taken to watch the progress of the BIPS but it was soon clear they were stuck in one spot indicating that Boo had an obstruction.




Before resorting to surgery she was first treated with an enema and thankfully passed the rest of the string in her litter tray. The amount of string that was causing the obstruction was quite considerable and ‘Boo’ was very lucky that she didn’t have to go under aneasthetic to remove it. Boo is now recovering and will soon be back to her playful self thanks to her quick thinking owners.


Young pets are much like young children; inquisitive and playful, who would have thought a harmless ball of string could have been the cause of so much stress and anxiety not to mention the costs.

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