Bolting their food

by / Monday, 07 April 2014 / Published in News Archive, Small Animals

If you have a dog that insists on bolting every bowl of food as if it was the last meal you may be interested in these two great ideas.slow-feed

The Slow Feed bowl is designed with four compartments which stops the pet from burying his nose deep into the bowl and scoffing down the food too fast. It has a wide base with heavy duty rubber grip that makes it really difficult to push around and tip over. We have had many good reports from the Vet Cross vets and nurses who have taken these bowls home to use on their own ‘boisterous’ eaters.



The Buster Maize is a joint feeder plus toy and the design is totally different from the Slow Feed bowl. As the illustrations shows your pet will have to push the food to the end to retrieve it, this will keep them occupied for a long time and we have seen pups that really love it and will use their paws too.


Both these products are available in the Pet Superstore.

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