Our on farm services supply a full veterinary program for our country clients, with veterinarians genuinely interested and passionate about horses, who are also involved in the industry, competitively.

Whether it’s a dental for your horse using our advanced dentistry unit or ultra-sounding your mare for pregnancy results we can come to your property.

If you have any cause for concern, we are only a phone call away.


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Care Of Your Mare After Foaling

Castrating/gelding your horse

Chewing And Biting Habits

Colic – Risk Factors

Equine Cushings Disease (or PPID)

Equine Dentistry


Greasy Heel

Hairy Caterpillars And Abortions In Horses

Head Shaking in Horses. KER

Hoof Abscesses

Laminitis – Prevention is Better Than Cure

Resistance To Horse Wormers


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